Michelle -Challenge 5 Long pants

Last winter I intended to make pants for Lily as I have trouble finding ones that fit. If they fit her waist they are too short, if they are the right length they are too big around her waist.

It is starting to get cooler here so I decided to start on her first pair of long pants. The pattern I have (Emily pants by DressPatterns4Girls) has ruffles on the bottom so I decided to just add extra length and omit the ruffles as I was making them with denim.

The pattern was really easy to follow although I decided to make them slightly different. I didn’t leave the side gap it calls for when sewing one side. I folded the waistline down at the end and  when I sewed them up I left a gap for feeding the elastic in.

I didn’t allow enough at the bottom so instead of hemming I added a bit of trim.

The pattern was very easy to follow and I am definitely making more. Maybe with ruffles next time.



Michelle 4th Challenge loom flowers

Some time ago I purchased a flower loom with very good intentions on using it right away. I came across some beautiful projects using one and wanted to give them a go.

Lily’s school recently put out a request for donations of handmade poppies for their 100 years of Anzac poppy project.

What better time to pull out the loom and give it a go. I found a simple to follow tutorial on Pinterest.

They were quite easy to make and don’t take long at all to complete.



Michelle challenge 3 – wool balloon

I have been wanting to make this balloon for some time now. I actually had it saved on Pinterest since before we started last years challenge. Something else always came up and it was pushed to the end of the line.

Its Lily’s first year of school and first Easter hat Parade so I thought what better time to make the wool balloon than now.

I made half water and flour glue mixture and half PVA glue. We dipped the wool in the glue, wiped off the excess and wrapped it around the balloon which was hanging by a string.

There isn’t much to it really and is quite easy if you don’t mind getting your hands messy.

I waited for the balloon to start to deflate before I took it out, about 3 days. I let it dry on its own for another 2 days and then cut a hole in the front to make a nest.

We made Pom pom chickens with a Clover Pom pom maker a friend leant me. This Pom pom maker is awesome, I made my last Pom poms the old way with two pieces of cardboard and I also tried another type of Pom pom maker but nothing I have tried comes near this thing. So simple to fast. I have purchased my own.

clover pom pom

Although it’s a bit top heavy, Lily loved her hat.

We put holes in the hat and tied the egg down with the same wool. I also threaded ribbon around the hat and down the side so we could tie it under her chin.

I used the part we cut off to attach the chickens to and then used wool to tie it to the inside of the egg.

This was quite an easy project and lots of fun to do with the kids.



image1image2image3 Lily balloon deflateimage1image2

Kelly’s Easter Special

Who doesn’t love Easter, chocolate, chocolate and just a little more chocolate. This year my Birthday was 2 days before Easter, so the family organised a Easter/Birthday brunch. 

I love baking and cake decorating so thought I would give a new cake a go. Below are the 2 links I used, well the pictures at least. I have my own cake recipe and decided on 4 layers not the 6. http://www.sprinklebakes.com/2014/01/lemony-rainbow-checkerboard-cake.html?m=1 and https://kidscakesblog.wordpress.com/author/kidscakesblog/page/5/

A few things with my finished product was that my cake was too high so the kit Kats didn’t really hold the eggs in like its suppose to. And I should have frozen the cake before cutting and icing it. It still worked out fine, just needed more buttercream to hold the top m&m’s Easter eggs. 

It was a big hit.

Happy Easter everyone. 



Michelle Challenge 2 – Jessie Costume

Lily wanted a Jessie costume for her 5th birthday party so I searched Pinterest for ideas on the best way to make it.

It is summer here so I wanted something that wasn’t too hot, so no long sleeves and long pants like Jessie wears. An Aussie summer version.

I came across this pin which gave me an idea on how to make the top.

I purchased a collared polo shirt and a pair of denim shorts.

For the top, I traced the outline of the polo shirt and transferred it to yellow fabric. I ironed vlisofix to my fabric and cut out the traced shape. I then had to trim the edges to get the shape perfect. I then ironed it on. The red trim I purchased from the local fabric shop and used fabric glue to attach it.

For the pants, I cut out 2 rectangles of fabric and added vlisofix but not right to the edge of the fabric about 1/4″ from the edge. I then folded 3 sides (leaving one long side) of the fabric in 1/4″ and ironed it down to the vlisofix.

I then ironed the fabric to the denim shorts and glued the edges down. I tucked the bottom of the fabric around to the inside of the bottom of the shorts, ironed it down and then run a straight stitch across the bottom.

For the bottom of the chaps, I used felt for the tassels. I made them to the width of the denim shorts and the length of my daughters leg from bottom of the shorts to just above her ankle.

Right sides facing I sewed them all the way around leaving a turning gap, turned them through, ironed and top stitched. I had planned to put clips on the bottom of the shorts so the chaps could be taken off but I couldn’t find them so I just quickly tacked them on. She kept them on the whole time anyway.

These were very quick and simple to make and Lily loved them.



Lorissa – Tadah Vinties Overalls 

I haven’t sewn for a long time, and I’ve been dying to try the Vinties overalls pattern by Tadah patterns. Readers of the blog will know that I absolutely love this Australian designer. Her patterns come together sew easily (see what I did there!)

The vinties pattern were no exception. Loads of photos, easy step by step instructions and just a beautiful pattern!

Weekly challenge

What do you think? Check out how perfectly matched up the back pieces are. I’m a little proud of that. I did a little happy dance when it came together so perfectly.

A few firsts in this project for me – I’ve never sewn pintucks or snap panels. Both of these were explained in full in the step by step instructions.


There’s also a lot of similarities in the way that Lauren’s patterns are constructed, making it easy to transfer the techniques to her other beautiful designs. For instance, the armholes are pretty much the same on each pattern, as well as the way the yokes are assembled. I love the way she does this, and it’s probably why I found this an easy sew. I bet you will too!

I can’t wait to send this little beauty to it’s home, I hope it’s a roaring success (okay I’ll stop!)